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Welcome to Pear Tree Therapies

Psychological Health and Wellbeing



Pear Tree Therapies is the solo private practice of Joanna (‘Jo’) Skewes (she/her), a psychologist.

The name of ‘Pear Tree Therapies’ was the result of endless, fruitless hours of trying to think of a meaningful business name.

I have always loved the term 'go pear-shaped'. I have used it to describe the various things that have gone wrong, failed, or been a disaster in my own life - it makes me smile a little in the face of adversity.

I provide support to others in the community when their lives, or slivers of it, have 'gone pear-shaped' - whether that be a little bit or completely pear-shaped.​

Outside of work, I enjoy time connecting with family and friends, weekends out of the city, and strolls at the beach. I balance a busy life with humour and quiet moments sipping coffee.

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